Eyrich Media

We make ideas into prototypes

In interactiondesign it is all about make prototypes, testing, data of users interactions, re-testing, fix, re-testing and make it work - the better a design work the more it sell

It is as simple as that


Home Display

A new way to organize our lives -

Still in sketch but is soon ready for prototyping

Social Medicin knowlegde

Let's make the world a healthier place -

Take a sneak peek at here (Its only in danish)

ED Games

Small games to make waiting shorter - look at here


People with ideas, technical insights and a love of a good discussion (and beer). Brainstroms are a must - discus in skethes


Eyrich Media
Løvgårdsvej 51, 2830 Virum, Denmark
P: (+45) 40 36 77 76